Meet Chaplain, Dr. Eve Taylor, President/CEO and Author will appear on the formally known CBN 700 Club can be seen on FreeForm - Wednesday, September 29, 2021 at 10 a.m. You ca also watch on the - The Christian Broadcasting Network

 Book Release: April 5, 2021   available on Amazon. 

  The Torn Fabric of America,

 The Racial Divide Black & White 

HOW over the ages, slavery has evolved into what can be called modern-day slavery. The rising transparency into the hate and supremacy that still many white groups and individuals carry for the black community has opened up the age-long question of why the black community continues to face the oppression and brutality at the hands of white supremacist, 


Life Pathway Are 7 Keys to Discovering Your Resilience Factors That Include Mind Mastering

Technics To Discover Your "WHY, What, When, Where, Who, How & Why," Resilience Is Having An  Action Plan To

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