THe Caregivers Story


Dr. Eve Taylor’s testimony of learning how to surrender and lay down her life to take care of her retired United States Army Vietnam veteran husband began August 3, 2013. Major John C. Taylor, Jr. served his country and earned two Bronze Stars and many more award during his service in the Army.

Caregiving in a Covid-19 environment was and has been difficult. I had to bring my husband home from his nursing facility. I made the decision to care for my husband in our home. I became a recluse in our home. No church, few friends I could call on and no friendly visits. He is a 100% disabled veteran who has suffered with diabetes, several strokes and more illnesses that has caused his wife Dr. Eve Taylor to dedicate her life to being his caregiver. When the loved ones of many families need care, the opportunity occur at the least opportune times in the lives of those making the decision to make life-altering changes in their personal lives. I know I did.

Caregiving is not a job, it is a dedication and commitment to serve without complaining, murmuring or with the like or faith that God is your best support system when the many challenges occur. I care for my husband who is experiencing dementia, and I help other caregivers understand that the daily challenges have caused some caregivers to think about committing suicide, but this is not the answer to the perceived problem. As a VA Certified Caregiver, caring for my loved husband, I could not find the right mix of expertise, flexibility, and compassion that my husband needed despite the many nights of loss sleep, changing dirty depends, I knew my husband deserved my love and affection more than I needed to complain about my circumstances.

To all caregivers, allow the Lord to be your comforter and find a good caregiver support group.

Dr Eve and Majoy Taylor

This is the man who suffered a stroke on December 27, 2020, with a life expectancy of 24-hours to live. He was placed in home hospice care and with many prayers he was released out of hospice care in time for his 84th birthday celebration on May 15, 2021. Tell me God is not good. He is the healer I put my trust in. To God Be the Glory.

Major Taylor Celebration
DrEve and Her Husband

Caregivers Associations


This Caregivers Leadership program provides a seven-step objective that will help caregivers define their purpose and reveal their personal caregivers leadership qualities and skillsets. The strategic objective is based on discovering the power of the seven words leaders must address: 


1.   “Why”  –   a caregiver must have confidence in him/herself and lead without fear in your heart? 

2.  “What” –   a caregiver fails to face will always challenge your strengths and weaknesses? 

3.  “When” –  a caregiver affirms your commitment as a caregiver you will discover your passion to serve.

4.  “Where”  –  a faithful caregiver faith abide courage will prevail and lead in the right direction. 

5.  “Who”  –  a caregiver follows Jesus Christ and He will lead you every step of the way. 

6 – “How” –  a caregiver should be determined by what you present from within and not what drives you eternally. 

7 – “Why” – a caregiver will never lead a family member where they have not made provisions to care for them.