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Dr. Eve Taylor is a dynamic and motivational speaker that will move your audience into action. 

Veterans N America with General Larry O. Spencer, USAF (Ret)
Dr. Eve Taylor with AARP Virginia Associate State Director, Genea Luck
Discover Your WHY?®
with Dr. Eve Taylor
Dr. Eve Taylor talks About The Racial Divide In Her New Book “The Torn Fabric of America”


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Dr. Eve Taylor was born in the deep south to a Baptist Preacher father, and her mother named her Eve. “Eve is believed to mean “living one” or “source of life.” Dr. Eve is a globally recognized source of light as an Evangelist, Chaplain, author, teacher, and philanthropist. She is a creative, goal-driven anointed woman of God. She offers a wide range of professional Discover Your Why leadership tools as a consultant seeking opportunities to influence the greater spiritual community in developing and creating your best self-empowerment leadership skills. She is a sought-after speaker, and lecturer to help others Discover Your Why. Discovering your purpose and plans according to Jeremiah 29:11.

When human beings experience trauma or severe life stressor challenges a person can feel lost without understanding the one word – “Why.” Dr. Eve Taylor’s background include a pre-psychology degree with a Doctoral degree in Organizational Strategic Leadership. She offers innovative ministerial and engaging personal development strategies addressing how to Discover Your Why. Additionally, Dr. Eve’s objectives focus on providing analytical leadership training also designed to support caregivers and veterans challenged with mental health. Dr. Eve has written and published her Discover Your Why Leadership training manuals used throughout her travels.

Dr. Eve has traveled throughout the continent of Africa, Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, China, South America, and the United States teaching her Discover Your Why Leadership and evangelizing the gospels of Jesus Christ. Dr. Eve’s educational background consist of an Associate degree from Miami-Dade Junior College in Psychology, Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Masters’ degree in Human Resource Management from Strayer University. She received her Doctorate degree in Organizational Strategic Leadership from Regent University’s School of Business and Leadership at the age of seventy.

She has been invited to speak around the world, and a featured speaker at the Library of Congress for the Daniel A.P. Murray African American Cultural veteran’s project. She has hosted leadership and caregiving conferences utilizing the Discover Your Why training template. Dr. Eve published her first book Discover Your Why in February 2012, available on Amazon.

Dr. Eve Taylor has been a civil rights activist that evolved when she lived in Atlanta, GA. She volunteered during the Martin Luther King, Jr., civil rights movement. This experience led her to publish her second new literary work, “The Torn Fabric of America, the Racial Divide Black and White” in April 2021. She is a member of the Society of Human Resource Management, and ASALH organization, the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce and has been honored as the 2017 Who’s Who of Humanitarian Leadership.
All books are available on Amazon.com.

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Dr. Eve is available to speak on the following topics for all virtual keynotes, workshops, and presentations. Programming can be customized to fit the needs of your audience / event.

Discover Your Why®



Organizational Leadership

Church Ministry Leadership

Veterans Affairs

Senior Veterans and Caregiving

Wills, POAs, Living Trusts, & Legacy Preparation with a Disaster Recovery Action Plan


Dr. Eve Taylor is an experienced global leader who has traveled the world teaching the principles of Discover Your Why®.

As a doctoral graduate from Regent University with her PhD in Strategic Organizational Leadership & Associates Degree in Pre-Psychology, Dr. Eve has had the pleasure of being a distinguished speaker for various organizations. Dr. Eve is also a strong advocate for the Veteran’s Administration, advocating for Veterans experiencing mental health and benefits issues.

If you or your organization desire to discover the Discover Your Why principles, Dr. Eve Taylor would love to speak to your organization; Dr. Eve is available to speak for all virtual keynotes, workshops, and presentations.

Purpose Driven to Discover Your Why®
Everyone must be in pursuit to discover your purpose and what drives you to discover your purpose and why?

Discovering The Leader in You
The question that is asked is:  Were you born as a leader, or did you discover your leadership capabilities when a leader was needed to demonstrate his or her gifts at a
moment’s notice.


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